Peter Cardy takes over at the MCA

Peter Cardy took over as Chief Executive at the Maritime & Coastguard Agency on Tuesday. He spent the first part of his career working in adult education in the east of England and the north of Scotland. For twenty years from 1987 he ran the UKs major charities concerned with motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis and cancer.

Mr Cardy has written and lectured extensively on the management of these uniquely complicated bodies, with their devolved structures, large numbers of volunteers and small staff, and their multiple goals of service improvement, research and policy change. He has been a member of many national and international professional bodies and foundations. In 2001, he was honoured with the Charcot medal of which fewer than a dozen have been awarded, all others to senior physicians.

In a change of direction to head the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, Peter Cardy remains idealistic about making the world a better place. He intends to use his experience of running complex organisations for the benefit of seafarers and other users of the seas around our island nation.

Peter Cardy, Chief Executive, Maritime and Coastguard Agency said: "As a relative newcomer to the world of shipping and maritime safety, I know I am on a very steep learning curve and will remain there for as long as I am with the MCA. But I learnt very early on about the unique qualities of the people who work in this very special sector, and I feel both honoured and daunted by the challenge of living up to the proud traditions of professionalism, skill and integrity we have inherited. I shall do my utmost to build on that inheritance. I have learnt in the past few months what a huge reputation the MCA has, not just in the UK but worldwide, and my aim is to make that position unassailable."

In paying tribute to his predecessor, John Astbury, Mr Cardy said: "John has safeguarded the MCA during a long period of uncertainty and he deserves every honour and thanks and our generous best wishes for what looks to be a very busy retirement!"



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