Pharos Marine unveils 60m hydrogen diesel-electric superyacht

The Egyptian design studio Pharos Marine has unveiled plans for a new 60 metre eco-friendly superyacht, Orcageno. The yacht is based around an advanced slender hull form with an axe bow, offering lower resistance due to low angle of entrance, excellent sea-keeping and a range of up to 13,000 nautical miles. The hull design is to have a minimal surface and hull wake, thus reducing its impact on sensitive marine life as well as shoreline erosion.

The hull is propelled by a hydrogen diesel-electric system. The benefit of hydrogen fuel is that it contains three times the energy to be found in diesel fuel as well having no carbon monoxide or dioxide in the exhaust (zero carbon foot print).

High safety standards are applied for hydrogen tanks to provide reliable operation conditions during loading and consumption of hydrogen fuel. The tanks are well isolated and fabricated from stress resistant material connected to each other by means of pipes and valves with sensors to indicate any leakage of hydrogen gas with a reliable shut down emergency system to ensure safety at all times.

The propulsion system uses a generator driven by a hydrogen-diesel internal combustion engine which can be operated by either hydrogen or diesel oil to provide power for the Azipod units. As a result, wide ranges can be obtained for hydrogen and diesel operation modes, at a speed of 10 knots, operating on hydrogen mode, it can reach more than 3500 nautical miles and at speed of 18 knots it can reach more than 1800 nautical miles. The forward slender spaces in the yacht are used efficiently for the storage of hydrogen tanks and tender boats.

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