Philippe Briand reveals new 30m sailing yacht concept

Written by Gemma Fottles

British design studio Philippe Briand has recently revealed to SYT a brand new 30 metre sailing yacht concept. Named Egoist, the carbon sloop has been designed with a passionate owner in mind, eager to strip back disturbance from a large crew and additional guests in order to fully indulge in the experience of sailing.

The Studio comments on this aspect of her design, elaborating: “At a time when many yachts are designed to satisfy the ‘masses’ - from the charter guest to the potential buyer - the artistic direction can become misguided and the originality of the design diluted. The outcome: the essence of why the yacht is being built is in danger of getting lost. Egoist is the antidote to this’ she has been designed purely to satisfy the needs and enjoyment of the owner.”

Inside, she features a spacious main salon, an expansive master suite, and accommodation for up to two dedicated crew members.Egoist has been conceived as a fully customisable vessel, as Briand concludes, she is envisioned as “a pure pleasure for the owner, not bowing the demands or tastes of anyone else. The concept of Egoist is to become an owner’s self-indulgent fantasy; it should be the yacht that they have always dreamed of owning.”



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