Pinmar announce the Pinmar Paint Standard

Pimar has announced a new and unique quality standard. Accoriding to Pinmar, This paint standard is the most comprehensive and exacting in the industry and is the first time a painting company has taken this important step to define in a measurable way the high standard achievable on its applications and in a way which can be universally understood and used.

Pinmar developed the standard in conjunction with Wrede Consulting, one of the leading experts in yacht coatings. It is based on the analysis of detailed readings and reports on a number of Pinmar projects in different countries, environments and conditions and on vessels of various sizes from repaint to new build.

Remy Millott, Pinmar’s Managing Director explains, “We have, through independent, detailed and random analysis, determined what we can achieve as a company in terms of a measurable standard. This has been discussed in detail and agreed with the leading paint manufacturers and surveyors resulting in the high quality Pinmar Paint Standard.”

Through an agreed process and the early involvement of the owners’ representatives, and/or their appointed consultants and surveyors, issues are identified and addressed at an early stage, with a common understanding through detailed reporting and an open book policy. This integrated, objective process aims to avoid late stage frustrating disputes and client uncertainty.

The Pinmar Paint Standard includes measuring methods and specific acceptance criteria applying to: Colour Shade, Gloss, Orange Peel, Distinction of Image, Tension, Paint Film Thickness and Dust as well as Fairing Straightness and other relevant criteria for New Builds. These criteria can be further refined to cover either high or low visibility areas if required.

One of the most important elements behind the Pinmar Paint Standard is establishing if: a) the chosen topcoat is fit for purpose, b) the acceptance criteria can be achieved on the vessel taking into account the environmental conditions available and the age and condition of the existing paint system and c) the topcoats applied reach the expectations of the client. This will be done by a series of test areas on the vessel itself which will be prepared and topcoated at the beginning of the project.

By working to this standard, the entire painting project will be undertaken in an agreed, methodical and accurately measured way. This will ensure we collectively deliver the expected quality of finish with ‘Best Practice’ under the clearly defined specification and acceptance criteria and in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Pinmar believe this unique standard will give clients a better understanding of quality together with added security while the works are in progress and during the warranty period and beyond.

Pinmar will also introduce further assurance whereby the entire painting project can be supported by a ‘no blame’ insurance policy to give added comfort to all parties.

Remy Millott
+34 609 350 541
[email protected]



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