Piracy / Armed robbery incident in Corsica

YCO confirms the following information:

At approximately 2340 (LT) on Sunday 24 August 2008 emergency response procedures were initiated on a YCO managed vessel located at anchor in Golfe de Porto Novo, Corsica (41°30’.3N 009°16’E). This was following an incident onboard where four masked, armed, men boarded the vessel and ordered the Captain to handover the contents of the ship’s safe at gun point.

The incident occurred without casualty to life or damage to the vessel, due largely to the fact that all requests by the armed intruders were fully complied with. CROSSMED were contacted immediately after the incident and the vessel was directed to Porto Vechio where local authorities were alerted and in attendance.

Should a visit to this area be unavoidable, then YCO suggests to all Charter Brokerage and Management Companies that additional vigilance should be exercised with increased deck watches in place, especially at night when anchoring in secluded bays.

For all further enquiries and updates please contact:

Mark Donaldson / Director Yacht Management / +377 93 50 12 12 / [email protected]



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