PJ Supersport Khalilah delivered

Palmer Johnson latest delivery, project PJ265, the first SuperSport 48M, named Khalilah, is currently enroute to Florida, on her maiden voyage. The trip from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, in America's Mid-West, takes her through the Saint Lawrence Seaway

Khalilah has a wavepiercing displacement hull, which is designed to reach 32 knots, using MTU 2000 series engines, burning 50% less fuel. This has been achieved by looking at many aspects of the design. The first is reducing weight; this has been achieved by using lightweight carbon reducing the structural weight by a third. The second is the sleek trimaran hull form giving a very slender central main hull reducing the amount of energy to push it through the water. The third is using one of the most efficient CPP propulsion systems on the market giving greater efficiency than conventional fixed pitched propellers.

She is also the largest yacht built entirely from carbon.

By Maarten Janssen



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