Plans for unprecedented civic-corporate alliance in Barcelona

Marina Port Vell (MPV), Barcelona—set to become one of the world’s most elite superyacht destinations and, through its transformation, the pre-eminent home port in the Mediterranean—held its second Annual Press Conference and Luncheon on 20 September 2012 during the Monaco Yacht Show. Attended by more than 150 media and business leaders, including, both Marina Port Vell and Salamanca Group, marina owner, were delighted to use the Conference as the best possible venue for the Barcelona Nautical Cluster (BNC) to unveil its establishment and its plans to create an unprecedented civic-corporate alliance for the benefit of the community of Barcelona and global yachtsmen.

Marina Port Vell and Salamanca Group executives welcomed conference speakers: Toni Tio, President of the Catalan Maritime Forum; Adolf Romagosa, Managing Director of Port 2000; and, Antoni Vives, Deputy Mayor of Barcelona who each enthusiastically explained the priorities and initiatives of the Barcelona Nautical Cluster.

The speakers detailed the economic effects of the Barcelona Nautical Cluster and redevelopments of MB’92 and Marina Port Vell to cater for larger superyachts. Importantly, Vives proclaimed that there is no other city that could generate a nautical cluster like Barcelona. His compelling points illuminated the Port area’s advantageous location in the heart of the city and that the BNC unifies Barcelona’s already well established nautical businesses. The Barcelona Nautical Cluster is a benchmark for future similar yachting industry initiatives.

Key dignitaries to the Barcelona Nautical Cluster also attended the event: Willy Muller, CEO Barcelona Regional Urban Development Agency; Juan Carlos Montiel, Subdirector Barcelona Regional Urban Development Agency; Joaquim Molins, Institutional Director Barcelona Regional Urban Development Agency; Pepe García, Managing Director MB’92; Jorge Ventosa, Chairman MB’92; Martin Bellamy, CEO Salamanca Group; Gabriel de Sandoval, General Manager Marina Port Vell; and, Andor Serra, Managing Director Barcelona World Race.

Naturally, the Press Conference generated considerable interest throughout the Monaco Yacht Show. Marina Port Vell was able to meet with media, industry and customers during the course of the Show to discuss marina upgrades which are already well underway. Fundamental transformation details include:

- In October 2012, Marina Port Vell embarks on Phase II Construction.
- The refurbishment of Sota Muralla and Diposit Quay is now complete and the sales suite in the current office building is remodeled, open and welcoming clients and visitors.
- Marina Port Vell will provide berths from 10m to 180m with the highest demand expected in the 60m-90m range. Five star concierge services, new buildings including reception with sundeck and swimming pool, a marina club with business center, well planned security arrangements, and the most innovative marina technologies available will ensure facilities meet the standards of owners, their guests and crew alike. The close proximity of Marina Barcelona ’92 and Pinmar further cements Marina Port Vell’s appeal as a home port benefiting from the advantages of nautical centers of excellence on each other’s doorstep.
- Environmental considerations are of paramount importance including high tech water and waste management systems. The marina will provide electrical operations designed to reduce emissions and noise pollution.
- Marina Port Vell will build on its existing operations to deliver five star quality services and expects the staff will enhance career opportunities as plans develop.

At the conclusion of formal remarks, guests remained for an hour or more for luncheon and enjoyed the opportunity to discuss both Marina Port Vell and the BNC one-on-one.

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