PMSY new accommodation building open

Palumbo Malta Superyachts (PMSY) has announced that their new accommodation building built for crew during long refit staying periods is now fully functional, and was opened on Wednesday 8th April. The building comes after a series of large investments from PMSY, including the construction of a Yacht Club and a fully equipped gym.

The accommodation building consists of several double en suite rooms with sea views, a gym area and a leisure room with selected gaming amenities. PMSY comment on the new facilities, explaining further benefits to crews who will stay there; “Everything has been thought out to serve the crews with all the services they should require: a kitchen common area is already available in the building and in addition to these new indoor areas, also an outdoor area, just in front of the Yacht Club, is available to enjoy sunny weekends or happy hours.

“On warm evenings the setting is ideal for a BBQ, or to spend some time after a hard working day, having a drink or a chat, meeting new people and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.” The brand concludes, “PMSY team’s vision to create a crew oriented village is now taking shape, making the yard able to answer to all crews requests, always trying to offer the best services and prices together with the warmest hospitality.”

By Gemma Fottles



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