Popularity of the original barke rudder continues to grow

The popularity of the original Barke rudder, which ensures excellent manoeuvrability and course keeping qualities, continues to grow. Many luxury yachts already benefit from this state-of-the-art solution. The high-lift manoeuvring equipment is also suited for meeting the requirements of modern yachts with Dynamic Positioning systems.

The Barke rudder is ideal for refits with a DP system now or in the future. Because of its highly sophisticated flap design it can be fitted easily on existing systems. By replacing a conventional rudder for a Barke rudder, extra provisions are rarely necessary and refit costs are limited to a minimum.

Commander rotary vane steering gear
Van der Velden Marine Systems also sees increasing interest in the Commander rotary vane steering gear, which is ideal for all superyachts as well as commercial oceangoing vessels. The advanced sealing technology prevents internal leakage and offers a greatly extended seal life. The simple, robust and compact design of the steering gear and the fact that it only has one movable part ensures trouble-free and maintenance-free operation.

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