Port Adriano, a true hidden gem

Located in the western-central area of the mediterranean, the world renowned island of Mallorca offers the perfect backdrop for an array of cultural and touristic amenities, making it an ideal destination for any superyacht cruise. As the main island in the small archipelago of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca is conveniently located in the wider area of Spain's attractive mediterranean east coast, the France's exquisite Côte d'Azur, Corsica and Sardinia. As such, the island is simply an ideal location either as an intermediate stop or a magnificent final destination. Either way, Mallorca is a must for those who fancy a warm Spanish mediterranean ambiance, amazing cultural cultural and geological sightseeing, a bubbly nightlife and the attractive local hospitality and gastronomy. The Romans were one of the first to discover all the attractive things Mallorca has to offer, and the island has been flourishing ever since.

On the southwest coast of the island there is a superb destination, brand new location for superyachts. Wonderfully designed and supplied with ample luxury amenities, Port Adriano is simply the go-to spot for those who wish to discover Mallorca, in style. Comfortablye whisked away from the proximity of the major touristic destinations, yet conveniently centrally located, Port Adriano is one of the most elegant and best equipped marina's in all of the wider mediterranean yet to be discovered by the industry, a true hidden gem. And being completely designed by Philippe Starck, Port Adriano is a perfect combination of elegant style, lush comfort and perfect luxury.

The marina was conceived from a clear concept that seamlessly blends cutting edge design with present-day requirements for luxury and amenities, all combined in a lush, aesthetically pleasing blend of innovation and comfort. With this in mind, Philippe Starck took on this project in his own unique way, providing the Port Adriano with an elegant, signature look while pushing the boundaries for users' comfort compared to traditional marinas. First off, there is the unique approach of how infrastructure has been arranged in and around the marina. Shaded parking is provided, traffic in front of the berths and shops is completely absent and there are impressive amounts of space available for yachts ranging anywhere from 6 to 80 metres, comprised of an impressive 25,000 square metres of berths with 82 moorings specifically dedicated for larger vessels. The latter are available for superyachts between 20 and 80 metres all year round, extending the LOA to 100 metres during the high season. On top of that, there is a 10,000 square metre technical area, including a shipyard equipped for handling larger sized yachts, available.

In short, Port Adriano is a magnificently equipped, spaciously set up marina that is perfectly prepared for the future of the superyacht industry. All this, while maintaining a pleasantly intimate ambiance. As with all great design, it's all about the details, and with such smart solutions as concealed cabling throughout the entire grounds, and 24 square metres storage spaces in front of all berths, Port Adriano undeniably has the wow-factor.

Obviously it's not all about impressive statistics, in the end it's the overall experience that counts. As for that, Port Adriano is aimed at providing guests with a perfect setting for a remarkable stay, every single time. An extensive shopping area is a mere stone's throw away from the berths, conveniently located right in the centre of the marina. With the entire shopping area also being traffic-free, shopping is smooth and comfortable, just the way it should be.

Stores in the area offer a wide range of exclusive and prestigious international nautical and top-quality fashion brands. Additionally, a variety of boatyards and luxury boat brokers are also represented, for your convenience. To top it all off, Port Adriano was designed with wide walkways, spacious terraces in the sun and shade, and an esplanade for events. All that, combined with a selection of exquisite restaurants, offering an excellent selection of international cuisines, makes every experience in Port Adriano a relaxating, entertaining and convenient one, guaranteed.

Superyachting can be about style, luxury, elegance, leisure or excitement, but it is mostly about a lifestyle that lets you have all the best things that life has to offer. All of these things have been stylishly combined into one lush and attractive package, located at the southwest of one of the mediterranean's most desirable destinations. Port Adriano is firmly set on becoming the place to be for the entire region.

Port Adriano
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