Precise cause of sinking of Yogi remains unknown

The French Bureau d'enquetes sur les événements de Mer, also known as BEAmer, has published their report on the causes of the sinking of superyacht Yogi. The 60.20 metre Yogi, built in 2011, sank one year ago, 19 miles to the East off the coast of Skyros in Greece, in bad weather. All on board were evacuated from the yacht by rescue helicopters.

The exact cause of the sinking however, remains uncertain. The report lists a number of contributing factors, but the report states: "the first cause of the aft flooding of the three aft compartments remains uncertain.”

The flooding of the three compartments is however explained by a number of possible material and human factor combinations, including the possible partial failure of the the transom door and/or hatches, in combination with a defect in the draining system, a late alarm in Compartment 03, and the absence of a safety patrol 1h/ 1h30 before engine failure.

The report also talks about the design of the yacht, in relation to it's stability, stating: "Beyond calculations, the intact stability of the yacht appeared inadequate to the crew when the vessel was at sea : even when the wind was moderate the list taken by the vessel was noticeable". It also advices the superyacht industry to: "free themselves from the standards of aesthetic that could impair the safety of the crew and of the passengers".

In case of Yogi for example, the liferafts were only accesible by going through the top deck salon: "the crew attempted to reach the liferafts, located on the aft of the sundeck, through the lounge but the two glass windows were blocked closed by the list. The crew did not succeed to brake them."

The full report can be read here



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