Preview: Monaco Yacht Show 2007

The 17th Monaco Yacht Show will be held from the 19th till the 22nd of September 2007 in Monaco’s Port Hercules. All the top-level professionals will be there, including ship-builders and designers, naval architects, yacht equipment suppliers, brokers and service providers; a whole range of the luxury yachting activities.

With 500 exhibitors coming from 38 different countries, the show has already been booked up for several months. And around 24 000 visitors are expected to be there.

In the in-water exhibition, ship-builders and brokers will be displaying 95 of their very finest works of art to demonstrate the harmonious encounter of innovation, prestige and exclusive quality.

The 17th Monaco Yacht Show will present an exceptional range of new models with more than 30 maritime jewels to be unveiled to the world for the first time ever.

The team will visit the show from the 19th till the 22nd, please feel free to contact us if you would like to meet us.

Superyachts attending the Monaco Yacht Show 2007:

Yacht name Shipyard Length
Type Year Presented by Berth Alfa Nero Oceanco 82,00 MY 2007 Oceanco N02 Boadicea Amels 70,50 MY 1999 Burgess Yachts N03 Felicita West Perini Navi 64,00 SY 2003 Edmiston & Company T04 Aviva II Oceanco 60,00 MY 2004 Merle Wood
T05 GiVi CRN SpA 60,00 MY 2006 CRN S.p.A. N05 Sunday Benetti 58,60 MY 2006 Benetti E01 Magna Grecia Elsfletherwerft 58,50 MY 1986 Northrop & Johnson / Burgess Yachts T06 Fleurtje Amsterdamsche
57,00 SY 1960 Edmiston & Company E03 Selene Perini Navi 56,00 SY 2007 Perini Navi T13 True Blue Oceanfast 55,00 MY 1991 Peter Insull
T35 Mustique Trinity Yachts 54,90 MY 2005 Ocean Independence T36 Katharine Trinity Yachts 53,90 MY 2001 Int Yacht Collection T08 Noble House Sensation Yachts 53,00 MY 2005 Burgess Yachts T01 Deniki Amels 52,30 MY 2007 Amels E04 Deja Too Amels 52,00 MY 2003 Burgess Yachts N04 Kokomo Alloy yachts 52,00 SY 2006 Alloy Yachts E09 Tamsen Perini Navi 52,00 SY 2007 Perini Navi Tribu Mondomarine 50,50 MY 2007 Mondomarine E05 Andale Codecasa 50,00 MY 2004 Camper & Nicholsons
T32 Salvaje Overmarine 50,00 MY 2007 Rodriguez Group E06 Lady Michelle Trinity Yachts 49,15 MY 2007 Trinity Yachts T09 Indefensible Feadship Van Lent
48,80 MY 1988 Int Yacht Collection T33 Georgia Alloy yachts 48,50 SY 2000 Camper & Nicholsons
T14 Noa VII Feadship Van Lent 48,20 MY 1997 Fraser Yachts E10 Antalis Baglietto 48,00 MY 2007 Cantieri Navali Baglietto T12 Ellix Too ISA Yachts
47,55 MY 2004 Burgess Yachts T40 Nou Nou V Cantieri di Pisa 47,55 MY 1996 Fraser Yachts E11 Aquamarina ISA Yachts 47,50 MY 2006 ISA Yachts T02 MitseaAH Pendennis 47,50 SY 2004 Pendennis / Burgess N01 Ocean Victory ISA Yachts 47,00 MY 2005 Camper & Nicholsons
E07 Paraiso Feadship Van Lent 46,63 MY 1983 Fraser Yachts E12 No Escape Heesen Yachts 45,86 MY 1999 Camper & Nicholsons
E08 Ionian Princess Christensen
45,70 MY 2005 Cavendish White T07 Princess Iolanthe Mondomarine 45,70 MY 2006 YCO N08 Her Honor Feadship Van Lent 45,11 MY 1988 Fraser Yachts E13 Geanelle Benetti 45,00 MY 2006 Benetti N09 Visione Baltic Yachts Ltd 44,85 SY 2002 Baltic Yachts Ltd. T29 Marco Polo MCC Hongkong 44,80 MY 2007 Ocean Independence T37 Space Royal Van Lent 44,65 MY 2007 Feadship T11 Amante Royal Denship 44,30 MY 2007 Royal Denship N07 Salperton Fitzroy Yachts
44,00 SY 2007 Dubois Yacht Ltd. T28 Sedation A Heesen Yachts 44,00 MY 2007 Heesen Yachts E15 Starship Van Mill 44,00 MY 1988 The Sacks Group T27 Cyclos III Royal Huisman
42,36 SY 1990 Burgess Yachts T41 Golden Horn R. B. Dereli Yatcilik A.S 41,40 MY 2007 Fraser Yachts E14 Seven Sins Heesen Yachts 41,30 MY 2005 Yachting Partners Int T34 Waverunner Palmer Johnson 41,10 MY 2007 Palmer Johnson T25 Streamline Mondomarine 41,00 MY 2007 Camper & Nicholsons
T23 Surama Royal Huisman
40,68 SY 1997 Camper & Nicholsons
T24 Melina C Maiora - Fipa Group 39,60 MY 2007 Fipa Italiana Yachts N10 Sima CRN SPA 39,60 MY 2007 CRN S.p.A. N06 A Khaliq Heesen Yachts 39,40 MY 2002 Yachting Partners Int
T21 Alta Picchiotti 38,70 MY 1986 Ocean Independence N11 Gladius Cantieri Navali di Pisa 38,70 MY 2007 Cantieri Navali di Pisa T15 For H
Sanlorenzo 38,50 MY 2007 Sanlorenzo T10 The Snapper Sunseeker 37,00 MY 2007 Sunseeker Monaco T16 Hamilton II CNB 35,66 SY 2005 CNB E16 Pershing 115 Pershing 35,37 MY 2006 Pershing C09 Gaja Hotchya Shipyard 35,00 MY 2006 Hotchya Shipyard C07 Framura Cantieri Navali Lavagna 34,98 MY 2007 Admiral T19 Allura Custom Line - Ferretti 34,10 MY 2002 Camper & Nicholsons
T22 Miss Michele Westport 34,00 MY 2006 Westport T20 Riva 115 Athena Riva SpA 34,00 MY 2005 Riva S.p.A. C08 Cyrus Yachts 33 Cyrus Yachts 32,90 MY 2007 Cyrus Yachts / Vitters T18 Sealyon Overmarine 31,50 MY 2006 Blue Water Yachting N12 Azimut 105 Azimut 31,40 MY 2005 Azimut Yachts C06 Cassiopeia Holland Jachtbouw 31,09 MY 2004 Holland Jachtbouw N13 Y3K Wally 30,50 SY 2007 Wally C13 Julie Marie Nautors's Swan 30,21 SY 2007 Nautors's Swan E17 Far and Wide Southern Wind
30,20 SY 2007 Southern Wind Yachts
C14 Gran Pez Posillipo - Inrizzardi
30,20 MY 2007 Inrizzardi T26


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