Prince Abdulaziz arrives in Montenegro for maintenance

Prince Abdulaziz, the world’s second largest yacht, arrived in the Tivat Bay of Montenegro on the 13th of February. She anchored in front of the Adriatic Shipyard in Bijela where she will undergo maintenance and repair work during the winter months. The scope of the work and the timeframe are still unknown, but it’s expected to only take a few months.

The 147m (482.28ft) Prince Abdulaziz was built in Denmark by Helsingor Vaerft in 1984. And the interior was finished in the United Kingdom at the Southampton Docks to a design of David Hicks. Prince Abdulaziz was built for the late King Fahd, but after his dead King Abdulah took over the yacht.

After having spend many years in Saudi Arabia her new owner took her for the first time since many years to the Mediterranean. After she was seen in Katakolon (Greece) in July she was spotted all over the Med from Malta, Nice Naples, Barcelona to Marbella.

Prince Abdulaziz in Katakolon (Greece) perparing for the summer season.

Photo credit: Benoit Donne & Maarten Janssen /



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