Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation introduces Wood Forever

Providing access to water to as many people as possible, conserving biodiversity, putting forward solutions to curb climate change and its effects: these are the three key action areas to which the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation is dedicated. A concentration of these three issues can be found in one sole ecosystem: the tropical forests.

Within the framework of its “Monaco makes a commitment against deforestation” initiative, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the MC2D Association are launching “Wood Forever” which aims to sensitize all those involved in the yachting market, professionals and clients alike, to only use wood certified as originating from sustainably‐managed forests.

The Monaco Yacht Show has naturally decided to give financial backing to this initiative and will play host to the launch of “Wood Forever” at the 20th edition of its Show, thus becoming one of the protagonists in this fight against deforestation.

The tropical forests are home to over 75% of the Earth’s biodiversity and their destruction is responsible for more than 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions. The main cause of this massive and alarming destruction stems from the lack of economic development of this resource.

It is only by sustainably managing our forests and certifying their exploitation that we can really enhance their value. By using certified wood we are able protect these forest expanses and their biodiversity, whilst equally respecting the populations living there. The yachting sector is a large consumer of wood, whether its intended use be for decoration or construction. As such, it is clearly one of the main vehicles for making individuals aware of their own responsibility. We will only be able to stem and perhaps halt deforestation if everyone commits to only using certified wood.

“Wood Forever” is the catalyst of a movement already adopted on certain construction sites at the request of clients who are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of the construction, decoration and future use of their yachts. The Foundation wishes to speed up and amplify this movement since yachting is a domain of excellence, the window of the luxury industry and of know‐how. Whilst the yachting sector often judges itself on the measure of quality of its creations, it must also set an example by displaying virtuous and socially‐aware behaviour. This is the message that the Foundation intends to convey to the market as a whole.

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