Princess Natalia selected by the League of Extraordinary

The League of Extraordinary commits to the visionary alternative design of Dennis Ingemansson. His Princess Natalia project is selected by the League of Extraordinary to be prepared for development and engineering and led towards realization.

This future orientated project is far beyond traditional yachts concepts. Showing an absolute individuality and sovereignty in layout and technology, the Princess Natalia keeps a pioneering role amongst yet existing projects. Focussing on the idea of an overall lifestyle concept and disposing of the latest future technology, the boat is the answer to an increasing demand for sustainable elegance in the yacht world.

Its outstanding bohemian and raffish exterior design is inspired by organic rythms in nature, combined with the strength and elegance of military aesthetics. The heart of the modern interior is the spacious lounge which, due to its height, provides an extraordinary ambience. Additionally, the boat disposes of a sky lounge, one master suite and 2 VIP suites as well as some smaller guestrooms. The back part hosts a swimming pool whereas a separate jacuzzi is located in the front.

Dennis Ingemansson is a young up-coming Swedish born designer with a broad experience in luxury designs for the superyacht and automotive industry.

League of Extraordinary
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