Private Yacht Services introduces new marine thermal imaging service

Private Yacht Services LLC, a Michigan luxury yacht surveying and consulting company, is introducing an exclusive new thermal imaging service. Using a self contained, hand held thermal imaging camera, a thermal sweep of a vessel can be performed to detect indications of serious developing faults. With surgical accuracy, thermal imaging can locate problems such as loose electrical connectors, faulty electrical systems, and failing engine components. Component and system faults that can not be seen with the naked eye rapidly become apparent when analyzing thermal images. As a result; early detection eliminates costly catastrophic offshore failure.

"In the Great Lakes, the number one reason for Coast Guard rescue calls are mechanical breakdowns." said Mike Obrebski, President, Private Yacht Services LLC. "A thermographic inspection of your yacht's critical systems and high value engines will identify problems that could adversely affect the voyage, safety or security of you and your crew. Utilizing the latest infrared technology, our thermal inspections are non-invasive, can be performed at any location, and will help protect your yachting investment."

The JPEG radiometric thermal images and results of the inspection are downloaded to a PC for storage and further technical analysis. A yacht thermal sweep can also be carried out as part of a regular preventive maintenance check, engine tune-up, oil change, or pre-voyage inspection. Computer records can then be compared after every visit to indicate any changes in the vessels equipment. Advanced thermal imaging technology is a perfect match for luxury yachting where high value engines, exhausts, drives and other critical marine equipment can be montiored and analyzed with to within 0.12 degrees centigrade.

"Thermal imaging allows us to rapidly pinpoint developing problems at a significant cost savings to owners" said Obrebski "Our thermal imaging service is an advanced early warning system that will enhance your safety while offshore and allow for proactive rather than expensive reactive repair decisions. With this mobile technology we can privide you a real time image and document the thermal status of your vessel's critical components at the dock or underway, anywhere in the world."



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