Privilège Marine and JFA Yachts new collaboration

Privilège Marine and JFA Yachts have recently announced a new collaboration, which will see the two French companies combine their expertise to offer a new range of sailing catamarans from 50’ to 100’.

The complete range consists of five models: Privilège Series 5 (51'), Privilège Series 6 (64') - Privilège Series 7 (74'), Privilège Series 8 (85' by Long Island) and Privilège Series 10 (100' by Long Island). The first three models in the range are made of composite, and built in Les Sables d'Olonne by Privilège Marine. The 85’ and 100’ models are built in Concarneau by JFA Yachts, and constructed in aluminium and composite.

The two brands state, “Privilège Marine and JFA Yachts share important values, including the importance of customer satisfaction, high quality construction undertaken by passionate teams, customisation options and developed after-sales services.” They continue to confirm their confidence in the collaboration: “Both are addressing an international clientele, sensitive to comfort, aesthetics, luxury and space. Exactly what catamarans offer and especially those from 50'.”

Both companies are currently present at the Cannes Yachting Festival.

By Gemma Fottles



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