Product of the Month: Experience superior ride and roll with Quantum’s XT Conversion™

Written by Dante Della Gatta

For over 35 years, Quantum Marine Stabilizers have been at the forefront of marine stabilisation technology, offering custom stabilisers for the yachting, military and commercial industries. As most owners and charter clients know only too well, stability at sea, both while under power and at anchor, is paramount to fostering a perfect yachting adventure. Quantum Stabilizers have been hard at work helping to keep over 1000 vessels stable since the company’s inception. 

Today, we take a look at the company’s most popular innovation: the Quantum XT™ Extendable Fin Stabilizer, and the conversion program the company offers for its existing customers who already have a stabilising system installed. Quantum Marine StabilizersWhen you are aboard a superyacht, it’s sometimes easy to forget that you're on the high seas. But the ocean is, of course, always in motion and so too is your superyacht. Sometimes the roll of a vessel, even at anchor, can lead to the unpleasant sensation we all know as ‘seasickness’.  The folks at Quantum are acutely aware of the causes of seasickness, along with the other externalities caused by the rock and roll of the sea, and have been hard at work for over three decades trying to develop the perfect remedy.

Imagine you are on your perfect charter vacation with your closest friends and family enjoying all that a yacht has to offer. While you are anchored away in a hidden sea cove, eating your favourite meal or playing a game of pool, Quantum’s XT™ stabilizers are busy correcting for the roll of the ocean. Positioned amidship, on either side of the vessel’s hull, the fins move precisely to counteract the motion of the waves to keep your yacht stable.Quantum Marine MarketingPhoto: Quantum MarineFor new-build projects, Quantum offers bespoke solutions for clients considering installing stabilisers onboard their superyachts. For existing customers’ whose yachts already have underway stabilisers installed, Quantum offers what they call the ‘XT™ Conversion program’. The technicalities of the conversion program include refitting a yacht’s existing fins with retractable XT™ fins over a two to six week period and include performance predictions, which provide the owner and crew with a better understanding of what to expect upon completion. As each yacht is unique in its own right, so too is each conversion.

“There is no better way to enhance an existing Quantum Fin Stabilizing System than an XT™ Conversion,” Quantum comments. “With 100% improvement in lift force generated, the results are dramatic and life-changing. In fact, the guests may never want to leave!” This small addition adds an extra 30% stabilising area to the existing fin and has a substantial impression on any yacht’s performance. Whilst cruising the extended foil retracts and remains inside the body of the fin, which minimizes the drag for efficiency underway. Quantum Stabilizers Photo: Quantum Stabilizers With thousands of units already installed on board vessels worldwide and now with it’s XT™ Conversion program underway, Quantum seeks to make what is already a flawless vacation even more perfect.

Considering refitting your exiting superyacht stabilisers with the XT™ Conversion program? Contact Quantum Stabilizers via their website or using the contact details below.



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