Product of the Month: Fighting cyber crime with the Kerio Control from Videoworks

Written by Georgia Tindale

In 2018, protecting superyachts and their owners, captains and crews against cybercrime is a growing necessity. As a result of the increasing amount of digital technology onboard superyachts, it has never been easier for owners, guests and crew to stay connected anywhere and anytime. But, of course, the same technology exposes yacht systems and their passengers to the ever-growing threat of cyber-related crime: a threat which needs to be well understood, managed and monitored. The Italian system integration experts at Videoworks are working alongside trusted partners and developing security solutions to stay ahead of the curve. This month, we find out more about their latest solution: Kerio Control. 

Videoworks Kerio Control This month, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will begin introducing obligations that impact companies offering services and products within the EU. After benefitting from over 25 years of experience as IT integrators within the yachting sector, Videoworks is ideally placed to analyse, define and specify bespoke cybersecurity solutions into new build and refit projects, and have done just this with Kerio Control. 

Prior to now, the industry emphasis has been on prioritising performance over security, but the threat posed by cybercrime requires both, and there is an increasing awareness of this threat within the industry. Videoworks know that protecting onboard systems and personal data involves more than simply installing a firewall and antivirus or occasional software updates and patches as temporary solutions. Videoworks Kerio Control infographicsOf course, there is no fail-safe, single protection against a determined cyberattack. Instead, a layered approach is required to mitigate the security risk by making it more difficult for hackers to penetrate the network. Kerio Control from Videoworks is an all-in-one threat and connection manager which protects the yacht ’s server via an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) which monitors both entering and exiting net communications. Alongside its next-generation firewall capabilities, the device also offers Load Balancing to guarantee high-speed transmission for the most important traffic types, and optimal Internet connections by distributing traffic across multiple links.  

Videoworks Kerio Control infographicsIn addition, the Kerio Control Web Filter enables administrators to allow, deny or limit the applications, websites and Internet services users can access. This powerful filter protects users and infrastructure by preventing visits to known malicious sites or those that engage in phishing attacks or identify theft. It also blocks objectionable sites to ensure compliance and shield from liability, also increasing productivity by limiting access by application or site content category to a specific time of day, selected users, and specific user locations.

Videoworks Kerio Control infographics

Videoworks Kerio Control Already making waves within the industry, Videoworks has integrated Kerio Control into their rack systems aboard a large lineup of superyachts, including projects by Benetti, Baglietto, Perini Navi, Ferretti, Admiral, CCN and more. When combined with Cisco’s “high network” devices such as Aironet Access Points, Catalyst Switches, 4000 series routers and next-generation ASA FirePOWER firewalls, Kerio Control provides robust, integrated threat defence and security management before, during and after a security breach has occurred, keeping you and your systems safe on board. Videoworks Kerio Control To find out more about Videoworks and the services they offer, contact them directly using the details below. 

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