Product of the Month: Keep your superyacht connected with Maestro by PRIVA

Connectivity is often taken for granted. Having the convenience of staying in touch with your family and your business wherever you are is something that superyacht owners not only expect but also demand. Owning a yacht is having a home away from home, somewhere you want to have the assurance of being able to communicate with whoever, wherever, whenever. PRIVA by Global EaglePhoto: Global EagleThose who use PRIVA as their service provider can rest assured that all of their communications and entertainment solutions are taken care of. Maestro, the system that PRIVA has developed, gives users total control over their communications on board. Users can throttle their bandwidth and choose which method of telecommunication (4G, MSS, Wi-Fi, and VSAT) to utilise while optimising their network. There is also a function to minimise satellite latency giving users faster connectivity.

An app dashboard contains all the pertinent information captains and ETOs might need to access, they can view their WAN sources - from beam to antenna status, and blockage areas. They can also change their connectivity mode at any time with predefined custom configurations based on who is on board and where the yacht is located.PRIVA by Global EaglePhoto: Global Eagle Accessing live content and video conferencing is also easy, so owners can still work remotely wherever they may be. Users can check how bandwidth is being consumed, which websites were visited most frequently and set user levels through the stats option on the easy-to-use dashboard. 

PRIVA, a company that prides itself in designing solutions that enrich time, also offers 24/7/365 technical concierge support and has a team of specially trained technicians on standby to assist users if the need arises. For a customised premium connectivity & entertainment solution for your superyacht, contact PRIVA at the details below.  



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