Product of the Month: Measuring crew motivation using Mind

Written by Vivian Hendriksz

A loyal, hard-working and dedicated crew is vital to ensure smooth cruising as well as the daily operations of a superyacht. However, keeping crew members challenged and motivated at the same time is no easy task. Crew members can have top-notch training in managing tenders, navigation or hospitality, but if they are unsatisfied with their jobs - or co-workers - then their working habits and overall work output will not be up to standard. A crew cannot deliver if they are not motivated. Mind app from Luxury Hospitality Management Photo: Luxury Hospitality ManagementEnter Mind, a state-of-the-art performance management tool which offers direct insights into crew members motivation. Developed by Luxury Hospitality Management, Mind is an app that uses data-driven insights to provide tangible recommendations to aid clients in retaining the top talent needed to manage their superyachts while increasing overall productivity. 

By leveraging artificial intelligence, Luxury Hospitality Management is able to offer its clients a clear, easy overview on how best to manage their crew. In addition, Luxury Hospitality Management also offers bespoke leadership training alongside the yachting Mind app, to ensure maximum results.Mind AppPhoto: Luxury Hospitality Management "Linking individual and team purpose to your day to day yacht operation is smart," says Peter Vogel, CEO and Lead Sales on Mind. "It ensures that your crew stays focused on delivering nothing short but excellence to the [charter] guests. But how do you support your crew with this? How do you measure this? We, at Luxury Hospitality Management, build a solution to support the crew on a daily basis, give them a voice and let them support the healthy leadership culture in the organisation." 

The Mind app continuously measures crew motivation by asking members two questions a day, thereby collecting the needed data in an easy, clear way. The app uses a machine learning algorithm which measures how crew members feel concerning certain attitudes on a scale of one to five. By comparing answers over a set course of time, the algorithm is able to predict a crew member’s position on different variables in the model and foresee whether a member feels like they are receiving enough feedback, if they have been given clear goals or not, and how they perceive risk.Mind App - QuestionsPhoto: Luxury Hospitality Management The final result is an individual dashboard, which is also accessible for the crew through the app, that displays their personal data. The dashboard is also accessible for all heads of department, who can view individual crew members data as well as an aggregation of their team. Thanks to the extensive leadership training offered alongside the Mind app, HOD’s know exactly how to act based on the app findings. 

"Mind provides the leaders in the team great insight into the overall flow in their organisation and teams, whilst they can connect the flow state to the value delivered by their team members," continues Vogel. "The transparency provides management insight on where to focus their energy, ensuring that the crew is engaged, enjoying themselves and motivated to operate most effectively. Whilst time and resources are saved, the crew is able to further focus on a better owners/charter guest experience." Mind AppPhoto: Luxury Hospitality Management Already making waves in the industry, the corporate version of Mind has been put through its paces at several Fortune 500 companies as the yachting specific Mind app has successfully been tested with a 90-metre new-build. Mind currently has a waitlist, as the full product launch is set to take place at the 2018 TSF. 

To find out more about Mind, how your crew can benefit from the app and the services Luxury Hospitality Management offers, contact them using the details below:

Luxury Hospitality Management

Rivierdijk 400  
Hardinxveld Giessendam  
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E: [email protected]
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