Product of the Month: Revealing beauty with NETTO from Palagi Marine Lights

Written by Laura Nicholls

Lighting on superyachts is no longer strictly functional, as proven by the new innovative light solution from Palagi Marine Lights, NETTO. Ahead of the official product launch during Monaco Yacht Show later this month, Palagi Marine Lights gives SuperYacht Times a sneak-preview of the 130mm aluminium trim LED lightliner NETTO.

NETTO by Palagi Marine LightsOnboard lighting is of vital importance on a superyacht, as it helps set the mood, enhances the perception of space and can even become a work of art itself. The inspiration behind NETTO reflects this: “The key factors inspiring us in designing NETTO is the definition of spaces, research on innovative lighting solutions and the wish for creativity to come out of light,” say Palagi. 

NETTO by Palagi Marine LightsPalagi are championing LED lights - with their small size, low heat emission, very low consumption and long life, they are the ideal choice for superyachts. When LED lights were introduced onboard, interior and exterior lighting was transformed. The strip lighting beneath furniture units that creates a ‘floating’ look – an effect that now appears on almost every yacht regardless of size – would be virtually impossible to achieve with other light sources. 

NETTO by Palagi Marine LightsNETTO’s slim structure creates a sharp blade of light, which allows designers to play with light effects in a very different way from traditional spotlights. As with all Palagi products, NETTO can be customised to the needs of the project and can create a variety of lighting effects, perfectly matching the interior design. NETTO can be used as courtesy step lights, spotlights on sculptures and showcases or as special effects on walls and walkways. Regardless of its specific use, NETTO has been designed to reveal the beauty onboard of any vessel.

To find out more about Palagi Marine Lights products, or to attend the launch of NETTO, visit their booth at the Monaco Yacht Show at Parvis Piscine, nr. QP6.

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