Product of the Month: The Ming wireless call system

Written by Georgia Tindale

Devised to be the most sophisticated wireless steward call system ever created, this month we explore the Ming system: a luxurious, hand-crafted product for owners which can be seamlessly integrated into your yacht's surroundings. 

Ming wireless steward call system

An intuitive product, a simple press of the hand-crafted button immediately and unobtrusively summons the staff, without the need for a modern gadget on the table, maximising your relaxation on board. Made of only the finest materials, Ming's design comprises a precious-metal surface tightly bound in finest leather, with a discreet LED band used to signal the steward's response to your call. 

Ming wireless steward call system

A pleasure to hold and operate, each button on the Ming is lovingly made from only the finest materials found in the natural world, combining German precision engineering with traditional craftsmanship. While the elegant circle of LEDs discreetly acknowledges receipt of the call, which is readily comprehensible in any language. Unlike the complicated touch panels and cluttered on-board phones of previous years, the Ming system functions intuitively and compliments your yacht’s interior design perfectly, as is evident from the images below. 

Although the innovative Ming system incorporates the very latest technology to support its comprehensive feature set, it could not be any simpler to use. Two different and clearly distinct calls can be sent by either a short or long touch of the leather-clad button. In response, the steward onboard can signal a return confirmation which is displayed via the slim LED band which circles the button’s polished exterior.

Intelligent, instinctive and wireless, the Ming will soon become one of your favourite personal devices, fulfilling its function perfectly and eliminating the need for a touch panel or a telephone: no phone calls, no disturbances, just peace, contentment and tranquillity on board. 

Ming wireless steward call system

Ming is also the ultimate bedside companion. For guests without experience on a luxury charter yacht, Ming offers the perfect solution for those unsure about using a touch panel or an onboard telephone to summon the steward in the middle of the night. Summon staff from the comfort of your bed, without even needing to turn on the light. 

In addition, unlike previous call solutions, Ming does not need a set of operating instructions or require time spent learning how to use a device. The ultimate in comfort, it is designed to incorporate everything a steward call system needs on a yacht, reduced to a single push of a button, enabling you to relax completely on board. A beautiful object in its own right, with its tasteful appearance, the button lends an air of unostentatious finesse and is the ultimate accessory for every sun deck. Ming wireless steward call system

The unrivalled attention to detail which goes into crafting each Ming means that there are practically unlimited ways to individualise the button. Alongside The Original Ming is The Constellation Series, offering a number of personalisation options. Finally, the Bespoke Programme allows the button to be fully customised to perfectly suit the owner's tastes.

All in all, Ming is a wireless call system that cares the most about design, advanced technology and, above all, simplicity. Every conceivable effort has been put into how the Ming looks, how it feels and, most importantly, how it makes the owner feel.

Ming wireless steward call system

For more information about the Ming wireless steward call system, contact the company directly using the details below. 

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