Product of the week: Akumendo graphic user interface

Created by the South of France based company Akumendo, the Akumendo graphic user interface is a new generation of smart user interfaces, offering clients the opportunity to take unique control of infotainment systems on board superyachts as well as within home environments.

Based on the iOS and OS X systems from Apple - a decision prompted by the high usage of Apple products by their target market - the company describes the product as, “...a framework based on many service modules, built on open and mobile web technologies on top of a simple, powerful client server architecture.”

Akumendo works to enhance existing or newly built audiovisual, entertainment, automation, security and information advanced systems with a comprehensive set of unified and smart user interfaces, of which can be totally personalised to suit the owner’s needs and desires. Speaking of the highly customisable products on offer, Akumendo says, “Akumendo provides a unique design, our interfaces are very carefully crafted for excellent usability and personality. At last, users have - at their fingertips - smart control, rich information and easy communication they deserve. A true extension of your superb decor and services.”

The interfaces are delivered to iOS devices from an Akumendo server based on one or more Mac Mini(s) installed within the owner’s network. Each iOS device runs a native application which is easily installed from the Akumendo server. The app becomes the central hub of all remote controls, information pages, service calls and media libraries for the guests and the crew members on board.

The brand is currently in the process of enhancing the Akumendo user interface with a smart monitoring system, which will work to take further care of the crew experience of the product on both the bridge console and mobile devices. Furthermore, Akumendo has selected new manufacturers of room control devices which are fully compatible with IP control and Akumendo fundamentals.

For more information on Akumendo’s products and services, visit their site


Jean Pierre Casanova
+33 612 69 23 19
[email protected]

By Gemma Fottles



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