Product of the Week: Custom exterior sliding doors from Alukwa

Written by Georgia Tindale

Benefitting from their 35 years of industry experience, the Dutch company Alukwa is well known for its bespoke, fully-custom superyacht door solutions. The company has over the years developed into one of the world's leading experts in the design and production of automated doors on board superyachts.

Exterior sliding doors on board Explora

With a wide variety of superyacht door solutions offered by Alukwa, a key service offered by the company is the refit of exterior sliding doors. This was evident during the company's involvement in the recent refit of the 46.63-metre Feadship motor yacht, Explora (ex: Charisma). 

The Dutch shipyard, Balk, undertook an extensive refit of the motor yacht Explora in November 2016. Explora was built by Feadship in 1985, with interior designs by Leonard Melse, Donald Starkey and Andrew Sheinman and exterior styling designed by De Voogt Naval Architects.

Explora during refit in Urk

During this refit, Alukwa were responsible for replacing the exterior sliding doors on the bridge deck aft - which they had originally produced and installed during the yacht's original build in 1985 - with an elegant set of new doors, at the owner's request. For Alukwa, their responsibility for the original door system on board Explora allowed them to engineer a new system which was updated using state-of-the-art technology from their unique drive and control system. 

As with all Alukwa door refits, this was a highly straightforward and hassle-free process for the owner: the new sliding doors were fitted without the need to modify the yacht, either internally or externally, since all Alkuwa sliding doors are fully custom. For the owner, too, this also reduced the cost of installation. 

Importantly, Explora's new doors were installed with the close co-operation of both the Captain - Mr. Maurice Kouprie - and the shipyard, enabling the sliding doors to be seamlessly integrated on board. With her new sliding doors on board, Explora was launched, and delivered to her extremely proud owner in the summer of 2017, after undergoing some extensive sea trials. 

So, what was the end result for the owner of the motor yacht Explora? A new set of doors were installed on board, quickly and easily within the necessary time frame, with the new drive and control system operating smoothly. Furthermore, the long time-frame for the owner between installing the original doors and their replacement during the refit - 32 years of problem-free operation - highlights the reliability of the Dutch company's door systems. However, even if the owner had experienced any problems, he would also have benefitted from Alukwa's lifetime support to all of their door systems which they offer as part of their services. 

Explora in Norway Indeed, the possibilities offered by Alukwa when it comes to exterior sliding doors for superyachts, are endless. Whether you want straight, rounded or even conical designs; whether you want the doors painted, stainless steel or with wooden panelling: the choice is yours to make. Furthermore, never limited by size, Alukwa can produce door-systems which measure more than ten metres wide.

Finally, for both heightened safety, and ease of usage, the drive system found in Alukwa's custom doors can be fully integrated with the onboard safety system - allowing the doors to be operated both remotely and manually. 

To find out more about Alukwa's custom exterior sliding doors for superyachts, or any of the other services they provide, contact them directly using the details below. 



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