Product of the week: Marine Leather Collections

Based on traditional technique, innovative technology and a solid aim for excellence, Marine Leather now upholds several collections of leather within a range of extraordinary products. In addition to the extensive collection of Nettuno leather tiles, an array of top quality designs that can be found on luxury yachts and high-end residencies around the world, Marine Leather is proud to present three custom collections of remarkable products: the ARTè Collection, the Pandora Collection, and the LaserMania Collection.

ARTè Collection is, as it's name suggests, all about creative and classically tasteful designs with succeeding and intersecting leather plackets embellished in precious materials at the core of each product. The refined Italian art of hand threading is the soul of this line. The application of traditional sewing stitches, a refined technique that has remained unmodified over the years, is the line's main characteristic and it results in a wide variety of sophisticated designs.

Within the Pandora Collection the limits are those of one's own imagination. Excellent embroidery, exquisite craftsmanship and limitless creativity blend together to form the most extraordinary designs. An extensive catalogue of hides is at the client's disposal, from which favourites can be chosen as the canvas for the most intricate designs. Custom embroidery, leather with plissée and paillettes will transform every fantasy into an outstanding reality.

Finally, with the LaserMania Collection, possibilities are virtually endless. By applying the latest techniques in laser marking and cutting, products from this line always meet the highest quality standards while also seamlessly fitting in with the current fashion trends. This collection has been created for responding to the most specific requests from the world's top interior designers.

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By Jochem Kaan



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