Product of the week: Marine Leather SOLAS class leathers

Marine Leather upholds a pristine reputation for producing the finest quality leather materials available. The company has been crafting products for the yachting industry and, in order to meet quality and safety regulations, has been making certified IMO A/653 hides for the past several years.

Measuring up to strict regulations and requirements of IMO certifications, with the suitability of application as fire-resistant materials also warranted, Marine Leather has greatly expanded the range of certified products since then. The brand creates the best artisanal leather products aimed at the luxury industry - found on board some of the worldโ€™s most elegant superyachts - while also adhering to the strictest SOLAS requirements.

In 2001 the first two Marine Leather products to specifically meet these certification requirements were Art. Ischia and Art. Panda. Since then the range of certified products has grown considerably with the addition of the Art. Ponza and Art. Elba from the Classic Collection, and all woven products exclusively made from leather.

Ischia is notably one of Marine Leather's most well known products, with a refined classic leather look and feel made from top quality cowhide. Impressively Art. Ischia is available in a selection of 74 gorgeous colours. Slightly more avant-garde is Art. Panda, which is available in 105 colours and made with the innovative tanning technique of natural drumming. This way, the materials retain the natural characteristics of leather, soft and silky to the touch.

Following the great success of these inaugural products to be IMO A/653 certified and fire- resistant, the company also developed Art. Ponza, Art. Elba and Art. Portofino in the Classic Collection to adhere to SOLAS requirements. Upholding Marine Leather's tradition of quality and versatility, these products are available in 10, 24 and 42 colours respectively.

Aiming to present clients with the ideal product for their maritime projects, Marine Leather also introduces Art. Shark from the Special Collection, a full grain leather that requires low maintenance. By use of the chrome tanning process, easy dust removal is ensured while guaranteeing high levels sea salt resistance. As such, Art. Shark is the finest leather product for outdoor and onboard furniture and is available in a large selection of colours, which can be easily customised even for smaller orders.

By Jochem Kaan



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