Product of the Week: NiDAR perimeter security from MARSS

Written by Georgia Tindale

The Monaco-based superyacht security experts, MARSS have developed NiDAR, a scaleable long-range surveillance, tracking and privacy protection system monitoring activity in the air, on the surface and underwater around a yacht. Product of the Week,  NiDAR 360° from MARSSNiDAR autonomously integrates multiple sensors including cameras, radar, sonar plus AIS, VHF, tracker and transponder inputs. Smart software algorithms developed by MARSS then automatically analyse and rank known and unknown objects to determine potential threat levels and to trigger alarms. 

Product of the Week,  NiDAR 360° from MARSS

A yacht’s own assets such as tenders, surface and underwater toys and helicopters, plus guests and crew, can be tracked and monitored within NiDAR for added safety and security. 

The NiDAR multi-touch ‘command and control’ interface presents a clear situational awareness picture to crew, either as a fixed installation onboard or remotely via smart devices, aiding decision making and rapid response. 

Product of the Week,  NiDAR 360° from MARSSNiDAR enables the improved collection and merging of sensor data from multiple sources to build an enhanced situational awareness picture around a yacht that is easily understood and operated.

"Superyacht security is no longer limited to just onboard systems as with NiDAR we have developed a comprehensive “off-board” solution building a long-range security perimeter around a yacht to give greater situational awareness and early warning. If you can use a smartphone you can use NiDAR,” said Johannes Pinl, CEO and Founder of MARSS.

The MARSS product range includes NiDAR for 360° Air, surface & underwater awareness, RADiRguard for perimeter security and MOBtronic for man-overboard detection and tracking. 

MARSS systems are in operation in the protection of assets including naval, commercial and private vessels, military bases and ports, critical infrastructure and private residences.

For more information on how NiDAR could protect your superyacht please visit the MARSS website, or contact them using the details below.



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