Product of the Week: RH Marine’s Voyage Planning Station maximising your performance

Written by Gemma Fottles

ECDIS has brought a lot of ease to bridge navigation, but the good old paper chart also has its advantages. Especially when planning a voyage, a full overview comes in handy. RH Marine’s Voyage Planning Station is the ideal tool to optimise your planning process.

A non-ECDIS trained crew member can plan today's journey and activities based on the owner’s or operator’s wishes. Crew members do not have to follow the procedures for ECDIS navigation; The Voyage Planning Station is solely used for planning purposes.

The voyage plan can be transferred to the ECDIS with the click of a button, where a trained officer can transform the plan into a safe sailing route. When combined with a complete Rhodium Bridge, it is possible to transfer the proposed route to the autopilot for automated sailing.

The Voyage Planning Station can provide any scale; from an overview of a whole ocean to a large-scale presentation of a local ECDIS cell for detailed planning. Changing the scale is like zooming in or out on your smartphone. With the new Voyage Planning Station, the paper charts finally become useless!


•Large 4K resolution screen
•Easy user interface: point and plan just like consumer electronics
•No ECDIS training required, follow your intuition
•Real-time route calculator; immediately see the effect when moving a waypoint
•Export proposed voyage to the ECDIS
•Import approved routes from the ECDIS
•Mark interesting locations and areas
•Add photos, movie clips and text notes to marked locations
•Freely draw on the chart

For more information head to RH Marine’s website here, or contact the team directly at the details below.

RH Marine

Jan Evertsenweg 2,
3115 JA, Schiedam
The Netherlands

T: +31 10 4283 222
E: [email protected]

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