Product of the Week: Sea-Raft's custom built work rafts

Written by Gemma Fottles

Providing custom built work rafts, the Sea-Raft company is dedicated to delivering high-quality rafts to superyachts and water sports clubs regardless of transport or storage constraints.

Created for a variety of professional and leisure purposes, the Rafts can be used as a washdown/repair raft, as well as a jet ski/tender, sea kayak and windsurf station and a dive station. Sea-Raft's are custom built and completely tailored to the yacht's requirements and specs. Made with top quality materials, they are very light and can be delivered in a particularly short amount of time.

The rafts are built using a revolutionary material called Double Wall Fabric, produced in Germany by Heytex. Heytex double-wall fabric is provided with an airtight coating, and is extremely stable and resistant even to high air pressure.

Speaking of the development of the Sea-Raft, founder Gordon van Wijk, comments, “I am the owner and managing director of a busy and successful refit and repair company in the South of France. I have been around mega yachts, working onboard or besides them in the water for many years, which has given me a clear understanding what a mega yacht and its crew needs to keep it up in an easy way.”

Superyachts with Sea-Raft’s on board include SeaJewel, Coral Island, Kahalani, Crazy Me, Larissa, Julia, Kamaxitha and Lürssen’s Rising Sun.

Sea Raft
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