Product of the Week: Super Stainless

Written by Gemma Fottles

With wear and tear to yachts an inevitable side effect of exposure to the harsh marine environment and the rigours of daily use, any product that can prove an easy and effective solution to yacht maintenance is a welcome discovery for yacht crew. Super Stainless, developed to remove rust from stainless steel fittings on marine-grade-steel, is one such product, having been designed specifically to provide a simple solution to the challenge of keeping stainless steel fittings on yachts clean and rust-free.

Even the best quality stainless steel can rust or bear stains and traditionally the cleaning process of stainless steel involves labour intensive work using harsh and abrasive products followed by a layer of wax for protection. By contrast the Super Stainless product was developed to provide an alternative solution, effortlessly cleaning stainless steel with minimal input by crew.

Unique to other products on the market Super Stainless uses a patented gel formula that does all the hard cleaning work without any buffing, rubbing, scrubbing or hard work required. Incredibly simple to use, the product is applied then left for 30 minutes and simply rinsed off, leaving the fittings looking as good as new. Importantly, Super Stainless gel contains no harsh abrasives, unlike traditional cleaners of stainless steel, and is water-based, non-toxic and biodegradable meaning no ill effects on the environment. The product doesn’t just clean but also helps to extend the lifetime of the fittings by passivating the stainless steel to prevent further corrosion.

Proven over many years, with huge numbers of happy customers, the results of Super Stainless speak for themselves. “We recently went on a 2014 80’ Azimut that was suffering with rusty cleats,” says the Super Stainless team. “After applying Super Stainless, waiting 30 minutes and rinsing it off we were amazed, but not surprised, at how easy and more importantly effective Super Stainless was at working.


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