Product of the Month: the electric scooter from Ujet

Written by Georgia Tindale

The young, Luxembourg-based company, Ujet International have been causing a stir in technology circles all around the world with their latest product: the Ujet electric scooter. 

Ujet scooter front, resized image

Unveiled at this year's CES (the International Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, the foldable Ujet electric scooter offers clean, sustainable and silent mobility for city dwellers all around the world. Ujet recently opened the production site in their Luxembourg factory, unveiling the outcome of a manufacturing project that began more than five years ago: the Ujet scooter. 

As a company, Ujet aspires to spread a new way of life: offering new ways to get around which are powered by technology and combined with exceptional design to be ecologically sustainable and a symbol of freedom, pleasure and opportunity - aims which are more than familiar to any discerning superyacht owner. 

Indeed, the Ujet scooter offers a wide range of uses for the superyacht owner, guests and crew, as it can easily be integrated into personal and onboard technology, offering the ideal vehicle for owners and guests to explore new cities.

Ujet scooter

To capture and share these incredible memories, the Ujet scooter includes built-in HD dash camera, two separate USB ports where you can charge your devices directly from the scooter's battery, and both Bluetooth and GPS connectivity. Thanks to the Bluetooth feature, the scooter can be paired with a smartphone using a telematics app, with wifi and 4G connectivity allowing the user to monitor battery level remotely.

In addition, to suit owners with all tastes, the Ujet scooter has customisable colour options, including uptown black, Concorde white and Piccadilly blue. With every scooter demonstrating Ujet's distinctive spoke-free wheels (pictured above), the Ujet scooter is a highly customizable product, with different seat designs and heights available for each customer. 

Ujet scooter

For power, the Ujet scooter can mount two separate batteries, the smaller of which has a range of 112km and the larger of which has a range of 145km, and has a top speed of 45 km/hour. With fast battery charging from any socket, the Ujet scooter is also easy to handle and safe to ride, offering three driving modes: eco, normal and sport. 

In terms of dimensions, the Ujet scooter measures 156 x 64 x 120cm, reducing down to 84 x 57 x 120cm when it is folded, making it easy to store on board your yacht. Weight-wise, the Ujet scooter weighs 43kg with the small battery attached, and 49kg with a large battery attached and has a maximum load of 120kg. 

Ujet scooter

With mobility in cities a key challenge for the cities of today and tomorrow, the Ujet scooter represents a clean, sustainable and silent mobility solution for everyone which fits seamlessly into our daily lives as city dwellers. As Hugues Despres, the CEO of Ujet International explains,“With more of us than ever living in cities, it’s never been more important to make urban environments a place in which people enjoy to live. As a result, Ujet is focused on providing urbanites with great products that help them get around their city with style and ease.'

To find out more about the Ujet scooter and the different customisation options available, contact Margot Wesolowska on +352 203 017 44 - 37 (office), or +352 661 998 071 (mobile). To be one of the first to own an Ujet, you can also reserve it in their e-shop, here. 



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