Product of the Week: The Kymeta Flat Panel Satellite Antenna

Written by Gemma Fottles

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The missing link between connecting billions of people to high-speed mobile access is a small, clever, yet affordable antenna, so says leading yacht technology experts, e3 Systems. That antenna is Kymeta™revolutionary metamaterials-based, electronically steered, flat panel satellite antenna. The world’s only commercially viable, electronically scanning satellite antenna can provide yachts with the ability to connect to the current GEO satellites and to the future LEO satellites.

The company has now joined forces with the world’s largest satellite operator, Intelsat, to deliver global access services which are bundled with Kymeta antennas and terminals to provide revolutionary new mobile connectivity at a low cost. e3 Systems is the exclusive global distributor of Kymeta for the yacht market.

Speaking of the future of connectivity in yachting, e3 Systems says: “Staying connected to the all-new orbiting LEO satellites in 2020 whilst on the move, will be practically impossible without Kymeta mTenna technology. If building new or upgrading today, you would be wise to use antennas that are future-proofed to work with the new satellites in 2020.”

Temporary prototype installation

The Kymeta Flat Panel Satellite Antenna customised installation of four panels ensures that the yacht can operate globally, even in high latitudes. Each panel is lightweight and autonomous and can be combined with other panels to ensure complete coverage, though typically a global cruising yacht will only require four panels.

The customised installation will also ensure that there will be no on-board rig and superstructure shadows. The panel can also be surface mounted or flush mounted to make it virtually invisible and reduce windage. Sea-trials on small yachts in heavy seas have proved the fast dynamic, software controlled tracking doesn’t miss a blink. The panel is solid state with no moving parts and is fully IP66 protected.

The airtime is based on the cell phone model in that you contract a monthly GB allowance. Each panel is capable of running at 100Mbps plus and is limited only by the modem and transponder.

Temporary prototype installation

Sea trials on four different vessels are currently in progress and the panel solution is aimed for full commercial availability on completion later in the year. For more information, get in touch with e3 Systems or visit their website here.

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