Product of the Week: The Retractable Laminar Roof from Opac

Written by Georgia Tindale

The Italian automotive and nautical experts at Opac have announced their latest product: the world's first retractable laminar roof featuring translational motion. 

Opac retractable roofWithin the context of their continually evolving product range, the Italian company, which specialises in producing custom tops for yachts, is proposing to a new and innovative solution to the nautical market, for which two patent applications have already been filed.

This latest product from Opac's nautical division offers an innovative opening mechanism and the maximum possibility of customization. The retractable laminar roof in aluminium is designed for the upper decks of the yacht, revolutionising the classic concept of the top, and broadening the company's range of luxury products in the process.Opac retractable roofThe roof's innovation is simple: it consists in the laminar top itself, which can be opened completely or up to the desired extent. Compared to a similar solution in fabric, the aluminium slats of the top guarantee a longer life and a greater resistance to water and weather. 

The top can be realized in various different sizes, depending on the boat designer's specific requirement, and is therefore adaptable to any roof. In terms of the opening mechanism, the opening of the top is managed by a hydraulic system. The motion toward aft allows the translation of the slats which are “packed” in rest position leaving the deck below open, with the opening and closing operations taking place in a very short time. Opac has already submitted two specific patent requests for the mechanisms that operate this innovative roofing solution.

Looking towards the future, Opac is also developing a new design of the top that will ensure more light through, creating an even brighter atmosphere inside the yacht.

Opac retractable roof
This retractable laminar top was also nominated by the jury for the “DAME - Design Award 2017” in the category of 'Deck Equpment, sails and rigging' at this year's Metstrade show in Amsterdam last November: the world's largest marine equipment trade show. 

In addition, Opac has also taken care of the finishes and of each aesthetic detail of the new product, expanding the range of customizations possible. The slats that compose the top can be lined, in the lower part of the structure, with linings of different types, materials, textures and shades, to complete the style in line with the furnishings and colours of the underlying yacht areas. Many customizations are offered for every type of setting: for instance, it is also possible to line the underside of the top with a fabric in harmony with the furniture or the floor, creating a beautifully unified appearance inside your yacht. 

Opac retractable roof
The upper area of the slats can be also covered by a rich variety of linings with characteristics which are suitable to the marine environment, with Opac offering the customer a wide choice of materials and colours. As a further possibility for the customer, Opac also offers the option to line the top of the roof with thin photovoltaic panels.

With both style and practical considerations vital to Opac - and in line with the established tradition of the company - when the components for the roof were chosen, particular attention was paid to the use of luxury materials, alongside specific treatments which are suitable for a brackish environment. 

Opac retractable roof
"Within the scope of the roofing, we have so far adopted solutions that are always sophisticated, but which are, in each case, derived from the traditional idea of top borrowed from the automotive industry", explains Luca Sacco, the CEO of Opac. He continued,"With the retractable laminar roof in aluminium, we sought to find a solution which is capable of performing its functions as a 'top' effectively but in a different way than in the past. We are convinced that the market will look to our proposal with great interest. We will continue to produce the top in canvas, which is still the most used material in the nautical sector".

As part of the project, Opac has also collaborated with the designer Gian Paolo Nari - known for his recent exterior design of Rossinavi’s 55-metre explorer superyacht, Maverick - who has developed an original 15-metre prototype yacht which is specially designed to emphasize the characteristics of the new roofing system.

To see the laminar top in action, check out this video from Opac:

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