Product of the week: YachtCloud’s Omniyon

Unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show 2015, the latest innovation from the Dutch company YachtCloud, Omniyon, is a universal media system that allows clients to access and easily use their personal movie and music collection anytime, anywhere. Always readily available both on and offshore, the Omniyon system can be managed and scheduled using multi-site synchronisation while optimising bandwidth usage. The system uses cloud technology, and is available in a multitude of languages including Chinese, Arabic, Russian and English.

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The functionality of the system has been specifically designed to make owner’s and guests ability to listen or watch to whatever they desire as seamless as possible, and can be accessed on a TV screen, iPad and other devices at any connected location, and also comes with an easy to use iPad app. Audio and video content is uploaded to the system via disc or other digital media, including DVD, CD, USB, HDD or online web sources.

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Furthermore, regardless of how large the user’s media collection grows - or how many locations are served - the Omniyon system will effectively ‘scale up’ to meet the demand, meaning that one user could be watching a movie on board his superyacht, whilst another user of the same system is on shore, using the system to listen to music.

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Speaking of the new system, YachtCloud explain, “Omniyon is the first multi-location media system that combines media and user interaction. Seamlessly blending the content and control world results in an intuitive, uniform and truly natural experience.”

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For more information about Omniyon or YachtCloud’s other services, visit their sites and

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By Gemma Fottles