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Started in 2002, Archimek is an architecs & engineering design company specializing in exterior and interior for yachts and superyachts, based in Viareggio, Italy. The studio was originally created by a group of experienced professionals, each of which has extensive experience in several sectors of the naval and nautical industries, who wanted to join forces and maximally benefit from their mutual talents and broad experience. Aimed at providing a wide range of services, Archimek is all about embracing new state-of-the-art superyacht projects, successfully every task at hand and really making their mark on the industry in the years to come.

Since the studio's successful take-off, they have collaborated with some various renowned architects and shipyards worldwide, always working, on an outsourcing/service manner, on top quality projects in a variety of sizes and vessel types. Archimek nowadays consists of a solid team of architects, engineers and designers, seven in the core team, that provide all clients with a full package of services. In order to allow complete satisfaction with regards to any clients' questions and their preferences with regards to exteriors modeling and interior design, Archimek particularly pays close attention to every detail without losing sight on the bigger picture. While doing so, they always weigh in various different aspects such as cost-efficiency, environmental friendliness and excellent levels of craftsmanship, obtaining a perfect balance between quality, style and materials. This way, the Italian studio aims to realise top quality projects while simulteaneously maintaining productive relationships with their clients and partners.

In Viareggio, Italy, Archimek actively operates from a central location which is ideal for maintaining a solid position and great overview of the industry, both locally and globally. From central Italy, Archimek is an ideal partner for companies who are looking for a solid, highly capable and specialised party with a broad range of services, with their own technical department available. Archimek offers all clients a wide range of on demand outsourcing services, starting with interior and architectural design and furnishing. Developing a new project always means presenting ideas and plans clearly and efficiently, so producing 3D-models, interior and exterior renderings is also part of Archimek's scope.

Functional plans, interiors intent & construction drawings, construction particulars and table references, along with market research and project management are some of the core tasks that clients can trust Archimek to fulfil swiftly, efficiently and always very discreetly.

With such a wide range of possibilities at hand, it's important to showcase every client, both existing and prospective, a solid mission statement that clearly presents what the company is all about. In Archimek's case, it all boils down to 5 elegantly simple and razor sharp bullet points:
• Confidentiality
• Quality and excellence
• Style
• Realisation time and flexibility
• Environmental friendliness

These points embody Archimek's core aim and result-driven nature, taking the clients' best interest at heart without losing touch of the yachting industry and global environment. This mission statement has proven to be successful, as the company has been working with an impressive list of partners over the years. Among others, renowned names like Benetti, Perini Navi, Azimut and Sanlorenzo can be found on their list of references.

From rendering to CAD operational drawings, and from exterior 3D models to engineering and project management, Archimek has successfully managed to complete a long list of projects dating back to 2002. Ample examples are available in Archimek's extensive portfolio, clearly showcasing the company's flexible applicability and versatile scope of services.

Internal partitioning, layouts and general plans, interior and exterior 3D modelling, rendering and engineering are just some of many examples. And if you are in need of outsourcing an entire project, Archimek's project management skills are just what you need. In any case, Archimek is a studio that will surely make their mark on the industry in years to come, a name to keep your eyes on.

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By Jochem Kaan



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