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Johnson Yachts has over 30 years yacht-building experience, and it’s factory site is located at Da Liao industrial zone, Kaohsiung County. This zone was initially the origin of Taiwanese shipbuilding. Even today, many shipyards and yachting-related suppliers still work in this area.

Their yachts range from 70', 75',87', to 105' and they plan to build a 125’ in the coming two years. Johnson’s business is boosting, both in existing markets as well as in new markets like Russia and Australia, which has become a huge market. The US market has been their main sales target since the beginning, and the European market has seen a significant growth in the past two years.

In the future, Johnson Yachts is committed to build mega yachts with an ever higher quality and plan to develop various ranges of yachts to fulfil the needs of their customers. In addition, Johnson will still pay more attention on After-Sales, to enhance the “Partner “business relationship with their distributors/dealers.

Mr. Frank Chyan, Sales Manager of Johnson Yachts, has worked in the yachting industry for more than 20 years, and during the interview, we can see his great passion and enthusiasm for yachts. He mentiones that Johnson Yachts has been marketing and promoting their yachts in the global markets with their own brand. After 30 years of branding efforts , Johnson Yachts have established a solid and well-known brand worldwide. “Branding has become the most important issue that Taiwanese shipyards need to focus on” he said.

Mr.Chyan also states that the US and Europe have invested a lot in yacht design, and that Taiwanese shipyards have difficulties to catch up; “However, we should specialize on our fantastic woodworks and customized interior décor.”

With the trend towards the building of ever larger mega yachts in recent years, Mr. Chyan points out that the most difficulties Taiwanese shipyards encounter, is to find vacant land for factories near the countries ports. Johnson is no exception.

As for passing on the skills, Mr. Chyan says they have the collaboration with the schools to train more talented young people and expect they will bring the Taiwanese yacht-building to the next level. “Faced on the growing competitions on Mainland China, “Mr. Chyan predicted, “we still have high confidence that our building skills cannot be matched within the coming years, especially on the woodcrafts. That’s why Johnson Yachts insist we keep the skills and technology in Taiwan instead of moving to China.”

Profile of Mr. Frank Chyan

Age: 49
Education: Navigation Department, Kaohsiung Marine College

  • Radar Sergent in Navy (2years)
  • 2nd Officer in Merchant Ship(3 years)
  • Sales Manager in Johnson Yachts Ltd(22 years)

By Ralph Liang & Luc Chen



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