Progress at Wim Van Der Valk Continental Yachts

Two new yachts currently under construction at Wim Van Der Valk Continental Yachts, a Continental III 25.00 Raised Pilothouse, and a Trawler 37.00 were moved outside earlier this month, giving us a brief look at the progress of both projects.

The Continental III 25.00 Raised Pilothouse was moved into the sandblasting shed, in preparation of her fairing and painting. The yacht is a sistership of the Continental III 26.00 RPH, which was shortened by 1 metre, upon a special request by the client.

The Trawler 37.00 was moved outside, in order to join the hull and superstructure. Her rugged good looks by Guido de Groot are combined with a revolutionary new anti-roll damping system. The yacht will be the first ever to have such a system fitted. This in combination with the hull form design makes her a stable and comfortable yacht with great range and efficiency.

By Maarten Janssen



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