Project Supermaxi by Adam Voorhees Design

Adam Voorhees has revealed to details of his latest project, a 40 metre Supermaxi. The Supermaxi represents the ultimate quest for speed through the implementation of adaptive and transformable technologies. The hull and sail physically transform for optimum performance in every sailing angle, wind speed, and sea condition.

These physical transformations of the hull and sail use a Shape Memory Alloy (Nitinol) structural skeleton comprised of many SMA actuators arranged in specific patterns. The actuators control the shaping through large scale movements and fine tuning individual sections. The rudders and keel also transform to create asymmetric lift and reduced drag,

The FLEX sail actively responds to the wind speed and direction to reshape into the perfect aerodynamic profile. The FLEX system still allows the sail to be reefed and furled, not possible with any previous rigid or soft sail system. The transformations are controlled and modified by sensors located throughout the hull and sail. Real time readings are taken of every parameter to intelligently find and develop the optimal combinations of hull form and sail shape.

The yacht can be completely handled by a single person as all technical functions are controlled by automation. The Supermaxi is designed within a 15 year feasibility schedule, as the cost of Shape Memory Alloys is reduced and the large scale implementation of fuelcell technologies are achieved.

Defining a new benchmark for racing yachts, the Supermaxi is the paramount expression of speed, sophistication, and advanced technology.

Adam Voorhees
+1 818 731 3157
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