Qtec-Group buys into FL-Coatings GmbH

FL-Coatings GmbH has announced that Qtec-Group has taken a fifty percent stake in the company. With their new strong financial partner, FL-Coatings will continue to improve their products. The company is specialised in high performance coatings and is most well known for their FL-Yacht Titanium coating and FL-Yacht Diamond Gloss.

Commenting on their investment, Dr. Hans Joachim Graf of Qtec Group says; "We are delighted to have found an agreement with FL-Coatings, an established partner with significant relations in the yacht segment. Their innovative products will change the market in the future and we are happy to promote this with our experience and expertise. Ultimately, this investment is a logical consequence of the already good cooperation. "

"With the Qtec-Group we have gained a strong financial partner in the field of product and process improvement. In the future our coating systems will be optimally developed and supervised , thus guaranteeing the highest level of product safety, " said Johanna Schulz of FL-Coatings GmbH.

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