Racing Yacht Maserati arrives in Marina Ibiza for special event

Yesterday VOR70 Maserati moored on Marina Ibiza's main pontoon to take part in the 'Sail & Drive Experience. Marina Ibiza - Maserati', an event in which only a privileged few will have the unique experience of racing with the yacht's crew, as well as test driving the Italian firm's exclusive models โ€“ one of which, the GranTurismo Sport, will be being presented for the first time in Spain before the first models reach the showrooms.

Maserati, a VOR70 (Volvo Ocean Race) yacht that previously participated under a different name in the 2008-2009 round-the-world Volvo Ocean Race, is in a bid to become the fastest in the world with its high-tech 20-metres-plus hull, its carbon mast over 30 metres high and its canting keel. In February Maserati set the first monohull time-reference on the Cรกdiz (Spain) to San Salvador (Bahamas) course; in the past the record was set only by maxi-multihulls. Skipper Giovanni Soldini and his crew sailed 3,884 nautical miles in 10 days, 23 hours, 9 minutes and 2 seconds, at an average speed of 17.6 knots, which Soldini declared after crossing the finishing line "will be very difficult to beat".

For both Marina Ibiza's and the Italian firm's clients it will be a real adventure to join Maserati 's highly-trained crew as they feel the pulse of the wind and set the sails. And visitors to the marina will be able to see this spectacular yacht in real life at its mooring there throughout the week.

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