12 of the most radical superyacht concepts seen in 2020

This year hasn't been the smoothest sailing, but in amongst the tricky times and turbulences, there have been some exciting developments in the world of yachting and superyacht design. Here, we outline the most radical and alternative yacht concepts in what has been a somewhat radical year in and of itself.

12. 20m Lamborghini 63 by Tecnomar and LamborghiniTecnomar for Lamborghini 63Photo: The Italian Sea GroupThe common values of the boating and supercar worlds combined this year to produce an iconic-looking yacht that has performance, driving pleasure and quality details at her core. This sporty motor yacht is built for speed with all 24 tons of weight distributed evenly in an ultralight and dynamic design to mimic Lamborghini’s classic designs.

11. 28m Dynamiq GTM 90 by DynamiqDynamiq yacht GTM 90 exterior designPhoto: Dynamiq YachtsThis year Dynamiq revealed the all-aluminium 27.5-metre Dynamiq GTM 90 yacht concept made in cooperation with German carmaker, Klassen. Due to be presented at this year’s cancelled Geneva Motor Show, the new concept starts from €7,500,000 and can be personally customised. Her exterior areas include a sundeck with and a three-seat sofa in the bow to enjoy when travelling at top speeds of over 30 knots.

10. 58m autonomous yacht TEMPO by DLBA Naval ArchitectsProject Tempo exterior designWith exterior lines by SDG, the 58-metre superyacht concept TEMPO has been developed as an autonomous yacht where artificial intelligence (AI) dramatically enhances an owner’s experience onboard. According to DLBA, artificial intelligence can take the superyacht experience to the next level when applied to three main elements: autonomous navigation, equipment health monitoring and mechanical and electrical systems automation.

9. 68m ShadowCAT Haven by Incat CrowtherHaven ShadowCAT by Incat CrowtherPhoto: Incat CrowtherIt doesn't get more 2020 than this 68.2-metre yacht concept by Incat Crowther. When the designers released a Covid-19 inspired concept for a support vessel named Haven, it was described as yacht to act as a “protective layer” to its owner’s mothership. The ShadowCAT Haven would act as a buffer between an owner’s main yacht and the outside world with the ability to travel at a top speed of 21.5 knots thanks to her twin Caterpillar engines.

8. 70m Blanche by Fincantieri Yachts Blanche 70m yacht concept by Fincantieri exterior designPhoto: Fincantieri YachtsA new concept, Blanche, has been unveiled by the Muggiano-based shipyard Fincantieri Yachts who has teamed up with the Italian designer Gabriele Teruzzi. Conceptualised with the aim to “dismiss any unnecessary complexity and visual obstructions,” the 70-metre superyacht boasts a sleek exterior profile and functional interior design.

7. 77m Eco Explorer by FeadshipFeadship Eco-Explorer yacht concept exterior designPhoto: FeadshipFeadship has revealed its latest design concept for an Eco-Explorer. The Dutch builders have teamed up with Merveille Yachting in order to design the eco-friendly sailing yacht concept, which features an automated wing propulsion system, a spacious interior, a beach club aft and a 15-metre swimming pool. Feadship estimates that their new Eco-Explorer concept would use between 50 and 70 per cent less fossil fuel than an equivalent boat.

6. 95m Protean by CBSPRO MaritimeProtean 95 yacht exterior designPhoto: CBSPRODutch design firm CBSPRO Maritime announced a new 95-metre yacht concept this year, the Protean 95. Designed to be adaptable to suit a wide range of functions she will be able to vary from “from a yacht support vessel, to a crossover expedition/explorer vessel, a race support vessel, a dive operations vessel, an entertainment/conference venue, a laboratory and research vessel," according to the design team.

5. 101m Nemesis One by Nemesis YachtsNemesis One yacht renderingPhoto: Nemesis YachtsNemesis Yachts unveiled a 101m luxury foiling catamaran concept designed to travel at tremendous velocity and provide the comfort of a superyacht. Nemesis One has been touted as potentially being the fastest luxury hydrofoil yacht in the world as she would theoretically travel at a top speed of over 50 knots and a cruising speed of 35 knots.

4. 110m Ocean Odyssey by Marco CasaliOcean Odyssey yacht concept by Marco Casali DesignPhoto: Marco Casali DesignDesigned especially for SuperYacht Times as part of Marco Casali's 'owner for the week' campaign, Ocean Odyssey includes a two-level glass superstructure which hides a high-tech media centre and a 180-metre-long running track for guests to stay active. Marco Casali also developed a private port concept at the stern where a custom 50-foot tender can stand by in its own floating slip. This area leads up to the main beach club area with a large pool.

3. 115m Stormbreaker by Theodoros FotiadisYacht Project Stormbreaker by Theodoros FotiadisPhoto: Theodoros Fotiadis DesignConceived to be able to travel to the world’s most remote locations, Stormbreaker is ready to be built at 90 or 115 metres. Designed to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions, Stormbreaker will feature a large tender garage able to house smaller boats or a submarine, a beach club, a spa and gym complex, a cigar lounge, an observation deck, swimming pool, dining lounge, private owner’s office, art gallery, library and a heli hangar.

2. 137m Avanguardia by LazzariniAvanguardia yacht conceptPhoto: Lazzarini Design StudioThis swan-shaped concept by Lazzarini is easily one of the most radical concepts of the year. Meaning 'vanguard' in English, the design takes its name from the positioning of the control tower which resembles the head of a swan. With the inspiration for the 'head' stemming from a 1970s Japanese manga, the swan head functions as a control tower to manoeuvre the superyacht.

1. 153m Prodigium by LazzariniProdigium yacht conceptPhoto: Lazzarini Design StudioAnother number by Lazzarini is the designers shark-inspired Prodigium. With two big side fins which transform into additional terrace space, Prodigium can expand an additional seven metres either side of the yacht’s already massive 34 metres of beam. As well as hosting up to 44 guests, the concept holds up to eight tenders and three helicopters in her three hangars.

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