Radio Holland goes broadband: Connector by Radio Holland

Radio Holland has developed a new and unique VSAT package: hardware and airtime all in one box. The standard package provides internet access, voice lines and three bandwidth levels and fulfills the needs of most customers. It is a well engineered and easy to install system.

The package is called ‘Connector by Radio Holland’ and this service is available at all Radio Holland branches around the world. Through Radio Holland’s worldwide network of branches along the shipping routes, support is guaranteed. Connector by Radio Holland offers a reliable, costeffective, always-on broadband communication solution.

The new service will be launched at the Monaco Yacht Show for megayachting. Connector by Radio Holland is supported by Radio Holland Connect, the satcom competence centre within the Radio Holland Group.

Floris Slikker, Managing Director of Radio Holland Connect: “It is evident that an ‘always on’ connection is key for maritime business processes. Land based industries have already experienced the always-on connection by using leased lines or (A)DSL. The maritime industry can now experience the benefit from amongst others a fixed fee per month and easily transferring and processing (large) quantities of data via an ‘always on’ connection. Today, use of broadband services in the maritime industry is growing. Next to business reasons, there is another very important reason why shipping companies started to become interested: crew welfare. One of the tools to keep crew happy is to offer them internet access.“

Connector by Radio Holland includes
• Always-on unlimited internet access
• Ku-band on all major shipping routes and global coverage on C-band
• Guaranteed quality of service
• Contention ration 7:1
• Two voice lines (minimum)
• Voice break-out to PSTN
• Quality hardware
• Global installation & maintenance through Radio Holland’s global network of more than 50 branches along the shipping routes

For the hardware Radio Holland works with the leaders in the industry SeaTel, iDirect and Cisco. The iDirect modem is seen as the standard for shared services in the satcom industry. Coming from the IT/LAN technology, iDirect developed highly efficient techniques for bandwidth utilization and voice channel compression. The biggest advantages of the iDirect 5100 modem are that they have 8 Ethernet ports available and can be managed and controlled remotely; ideal for roaming between different satellite footprints.

The world’s top 2 satellite operators: Intelsat and SES Global are the key suppliers for RH’s satellite capacity. The C-band services are based on three Intelsat satellites covering the globe (excluding the poles). For the Ku-band services RH has made a combination of footprints covering a major part of the globe, including the North Pacific and North Atlantic. These C- and Ku-band footprints are second to none and a real advantage for global sailing shipping companies. But also super yachts, moving between the Mediterranean and the Caribbean during the seasons benefit from this. They will receive excellent service in both areas which can be increased with parts of North and South America, Asia and even Australia if required.

Radio Holland offers three different bandwidth levels
Level 1 128 kbps ship to shore / 128 kbps shore to ship Maximum 2 voice lines
Level 2 128 kbps ship to shore / 256 kbps shore to ship Maximum 4 voice lines
Level 3 256 kbps ship to shore / 512 kbps shore to ship Maximum 8 voice lines

On all three levels RH guarantees a maximum contention ratio of 7:1. This means that a maximum of 7 terminals are using the same carrier, which is unique. It guarantees the end-user a minimum bandwidth availability to make at least two voice calls at the same time (Level 1). Next to this a Fair Access Policy is applied. The total bandwidth/capacity usage per terminal is monitored. In case of excessive usage the throughput to the terminal can be limited to maintain fair access for all terminals on the carrier.

Connector by Radio Holland is launched at the Monaco Yacht Show. The Radio Holland stand is part of the Holland Yachting Pavillion.



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