Radio Holland, Imtech Marine & Offshore and Free Technics together at Monaco Yacht Show

At the Monaco Yacht show (24-27 September), three companies who are part of Imtech N.V. have joined forces in one combined booth at the Holland Yachting Group (HYG) pavilion. Central is the presentation of an innovative eyecatching yachting bridge, produced by DMP, combined with the the latest Free Technics FT NavVision® software.

The bridge is equipped with the innovative glasspanel technology of DMP. All equipment in the bridge is placed under stylish glass panels, which makes this bridge a very special eye catcher. The combination with FT NavVision® software is unique. Imtech Marine & Offshore, Radio Holland and Free Technics present flexible bridge concepts and solutions, which can be tailor made according to customer's wishes, e.g. in nav/com, FT software, glass panel technology and e-installation. The HYG Pavilion will have a completely new and eyecatching design. The booth of RH, FT and Imtech is centrally positioned in the pavilion close to the HYG lounge area.

FT NavVision®
FT NavVision® was conceived by people with a considerable degree of experience on board vessels and software-designers who did not hesitate to listen to these experienced people. A close eye was kept on the ease of control and the use of touch-screen technology. Also, the effect of light is taken into account (for example reflections on the screen, complete darkness in the wheelhouse and back-light). A completely new technology has been devised for the adjustment of clarity, dimming and screen colouration. The configuring of non-linear data (like tanks made to match the hull for optimal use of space) has been brought back to a few simple steps. Combining Navigation, Radar, instruments, alarms and controls and also the display of camera-feeds and entertainment belongs to the possibilities and poses no trouble whatsoever.

FT NavVision®, be it a single module or a complete system, has been successfully installed on over 1000 vessels, ranging from less than 10 meters to well over 100 meters, from a 45-meter sailing vessel to a lot of bigger motor-vessels, but also a 100 meter Navy vessel with a large monitoring, and control system. Commercial vessels like the dredging vessel “De Hein” and the pilot vessels of Oostende, Belgium are other examples. FT NavVision® is generally considered by its users as a flexible and easy-to-use system that, when linked to compatible hardware, proves to be one of the most reliable and easy to install systems for vessel-navigation and control. Of course the entire safety of both the system and vessel have been taken into account through the use of passwords and the associated permissions and eventually service, if needed, can be arranged by long distance.

Imtech Marine Group
Imtech N.V. is an European technical services provider in the field of electrical engineering, ICT and mechanical engineering. Imtech Marine & Offshore, Radio Holland and Free Technics are part of the Imtech Marine Group. Imtech Marine Group is an independent group of well established and renowned Imtech companies who are joining forces and cooperate to offer the marine industry a wide range of technical solutions. Imtech Marine Group’s mission is to be the sustainable, reliable, global and technical partner for professionals in the marine industry.

The group offers tailor made, innovative solutions (systems and services) in automation, nav/com, HVAC (heating, ventilation & air condition), fire detection, energy and AV entertainment. The Imtech Marine Group includes renowned companies like HDW-Hagenuk Schiffstechnik, Imtech Marine & Offshore, Imtech Schiffbau-/Dockbautechnik, Radio Holland Group, Free Technics, Van Berge Henegouwen Installaties and Royal Dirkzwager, employs more than 2000 people and produced revenues in excess of € 500 Mio in 2007. The Imtech Marine Group companies work close together, combining expertise in electrical, electronic, mechanical and ICT disciplines. This way the group is able to offer ship owners, ship builders and other maritime parties a wide range of solutions and worldwide service on board various types of platforms.



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