Re-engineering the Horizon brand

Horizon announces to reveal its new brand logo and new website image effective from 2010. Since 2009, even with the global yacht market still in a recession, Horizon has been investing and implementing a series of Horizon brand re-engineering programs to enhance the global image of Horizon. And the first step is to modify its logo and optimize the new brand image.

Through this change, Horizon intends to reveal and explain its destiny to the public: Horizon exists to deliver the means for successful people to achieve their seafaring dreams and their longing to explore the treasures of the sea.

The new Horizon logo is derived from its original look, signifying that the professionalism, expertise and core business remains unchanged. The modification reflects that Horizon has transformed from a simple manufacturing business into a complete service-oriented business model. Beyond the familiar core business, technology and skill, today’s Horizon is a yacht business and yet a people business.

In addition to launching the new Horizon logo, a new Horizon website has been unfolded as well. Horizon intends to give an impressive new look with friendly, fresh and enjoyable atmosphere to the public through the new website.

Horizon Group
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