Red Dragon sails with Stratis

Doyle NZ has charged into 2008 with the largest sail project to come from the New Zealand manufacturing facility of Stratis Sail Cloth. The sails were hoisted last week on the latest superyacht to come to fruition from the Dubois drawing board, Red Dragon.

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This super sloop, built by Alloy Yachts, specified and received perfectly fitting and uniquely monogrammed sails that performed flawlessly during the tests out on the Hauraki Gulf in Auckland. These sails mark a milestone for "Stratis" – being by far the largest membrane sails produced to date at the Stratis Sail Loft. By all accounts these sails were probably the largest custom-inlaid fibre sails produced by a sail loft anywhere in the world.

To put things in perspective - the total Stratis Membrane Cloth manufactured on board this boat accounts for over 27,000 sq ft of sail area, an impressive feat by any sailmakers standards - the Reacher alone measures-in at just over 8500 sq ft.

Stratis Membrane Sails from Doyle NZ are being selected with greater frequency by performance driven owners, project managers and yacht captains. The reason for the break from tradition to Stratis Membrane is due to the weight savings, performance increases and benefits of a sail that can be specifically engineered to address the exact load path on each corner of the sail. Every specific fibre sandwiched between the Polyester or Mylar laminates is engineered from Stratis propriety software and then mapped to a fully automated manufacturing process. Fibres such as Vectran, Carbon Fibre and Kevlar are selected dependant on the sail designer’s specifications and best application for the sail.

Since Doyle NZ embarked on the Stratis Membrane development project over 5 years ago, they have now manufactured over 2000 racing and cruising sails for clients worldwide. Stratis Membrane sails are also being distributed by every Doyle Sail Loft in the world. The lofts are able to either purchase the blank sail membrane and complete the sail in their own facility or can have the sails manufactured and finished at Doyle Sails NZ.

Superyachts are now specifying Stratis after seeing it’s proven track records of performance, strength and weight-savings on such notable projects as Maxi race yacht Maximus and now, Red Dragon.



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