Refit and after sales operations under the spotlight in Viareggio

The purpose of Yare 2012, the first event in the world totally and exclusively dedicated to after sales and refit operations at its second edition, taking place on April 26th to 29th in Viareggio, via Coppino, Darsena area, is to involve and to host a wide audience composed by large yacht Captains, Brokers, large yacht managing Companies, Surveyors, International Registers’ technicians, Owners’ Representatives and Owners.

These professional figures are the natural customers of the yards and the subcontracting network, with high decision and purchasing capacity. They are essential for the success of the event and to make it the perfect meeting point for this sector of the yachting industry.

Two are essential Yare 2012 targets: the largest internationalization of the after sales and refit sector and the best visibility of the local subcontracting network. Another key point is the continuity with the first edition , held on 2011, March 31st to April 2nd, which started this kind of event, but giving more opportunity to the B-2-B meetings among the professional visitors and the yards and companies operating around the Viareggio harbour.

The booths will be hosted under large tents placed around the Darsena Europa, the heart of Viareggio harbour and the largest of the basins. Along the quays will be moored recently refitted yachts of different size, witnessing the skill of the refitting yards. Moreover will be on display a fleet of pre-owned sailing and motor yachts of different size. The two side of the basin will be linked by a floating bridge on the inner side and by a water taxi service on the outer side, to permit the best circulation of visitors between the two sides.

Beside the show in itself there will be a route to visit open yards and companies, called the “Refit Route”, to really enter in the heart of the work and the operations and establish direct contacts with managers and workers.

Yare 2012 intends to become a promotional occasion for the work and the potential of the wide subcontracting network and the yards operating in the extended coastal area spanning between Carrara and Livorno, with Viareggio as a reference point, specialized in highest quality yacht construction, but also with a vocation in refitting, a kind of operation with increasing importance for the life and the management of luxury yachts.

Yare 2012 also wants to attract the charming world of the vintage boat restoration, certainly a smaller, but very glamorous sector. To the restoration yards and their suppliers yare 2012 will dedicate a specific corner with the possibility to display restored boats in the water, witnessing the quality of the work.

During the four days of Yare 2012 visitors will have the possibility to participate in forums, seminars, conferences and listen to the voice and experience of high profile specialists and professionals. The subjects will be developed around the refit and after sales themes. On the first day of Yare 2012, April 26th, will take place a Conference, organized by The Superyacht Report Group, which will take care of the same subjects, but by a more international point of view.

Every evening at the end of the working day, there will be organized parties and fun meetings, in co-operation with exhibitors and sponsors.

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