Refit+ upgrades the productivity at NCP Repair Shipyard

"Refit +" is a custom made software for overall monitoring of the business operations of shipyards and one of the first new-generation software solutions in the world made for shipyards. This innovation resulted from the cooperation of Cyclops Company with NCP Repair Shipyard.

After overtaking this shipyard five years ago, more advanced computerization of operations was required as the software used at that moment in was not suitable for company's business, which is often the case when shipyards implement general software solutions available on the market.

In order to produce an appropriate system, Ivana Drčec – owner and director of company Cyclops, for more than a year talked with employees, listening their experiences and translating them into software solutions. In cooperation with the NCP a software "Refit +" was created, designed in a way that in its structure includes new business processes and changes the existing ones, so the final product is not passive application for entering data, but software that takes the role of active participant in the business.

To senior management of NCP Repair Shipyard "Refit +" gives the insight into a particular level of details and control process of the employees so that at any moment they know what is done on the project of each yacht. Each employee does his part of a job, while the system settles the "general picture" which senior management monitors. The control process provides a great possibility of data analysis and an automatic work reporting of each employee through the years; it is possible to control the work that is done, the number of hours spent on a project, access to the warehouse, the amount of used raw materials and tools, etc.

Excellent realization and implementation of Cyclops's software "Refit +" has brought to this company the continuation of cooperation with the NCP Group through design of an overall information system that covers all aspects of NCP Group's business.

The development of this software is extremely challenging, but we are also very proud that we are able to develop this application, implement it in the NCP Group's companies and, in the same time, educate the employees in order to provide them more easily and quick learning. As we got the mandate to design a completely new system from the management of the NCP Group, we had enough space to implement new and innovative approach to the database design and the application itself. This led us to the thorough and transparent control of business processes within different companies of the Group and to the management of NCP is provided the online access to all business intelligence information"- explained Ivana Drčec, owner and CEO of Cyclops.

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