Regs4ships Limited publishes amendments to digital maritime regulations service

With major changes to the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) for Seafarers and Code imminently coming into force, Regs4ships Limited publishes amendments live to their digital maritime regulations service.

Fully accepted on 1 July 2011, the Manila amendments agreed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and participating member states mark the first complete revision to the mandatory STCW convention and code since last updated in 1995. This significant re-write is designed to bring STCW up to date and into the 21st Century, ensuring that those who go to sea are correctly trained and certified aboard ships throughout the world.

Regs4ships maritime experts have been working round the clock updating their digital maritime regulations service and, as of late last week, the changes were published live – giving customers the longest possible lead-in time to become compliant with the Manila amendments.

There are a number of important changes coming into effect on 1 January 2012, ranging from improved measures to prevent fraudulent certification of competency to the new requirements for the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse, along with revised hours of work and updated standards to ensure seafarers are medically fit.

Other changes include new certification for crew to be able to use modern technology, like electronic charts display and information systems (ECDIS), new requirements for marine environment awareness training and the introduction of new security training, to ensure crews are properly trained in case their ship comes under attack by pirates.

Preview the amended STCW convention and code online right now and ensure your compliance during the current transitional period. This is available along with all major IMO documentation, EU legislation, ILO conventions and state regulations for 15 of the world’s most popular flags, Regs4ships provides maritime organisations with reassurance that they have 24-hour access to all relevant documentation, either through the internet or by CD or DVD ROM. IMO have brought the STCW convention and code into the digital age and now Regs4ships is providing this information electronically and globally to some of the biggest names in the shipping industry. To find out what changes have been made to the STCW convention and code, contact Regs4ships – as you never know when your next Port State Control inspection is due.

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