Reliable broadband connectivity for megayachts

Global Satellite USA and AGC Marine (France) will be promoting broadband connectivity for the megayachts at The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. This service will enable on and off-shore high speed Internet access for business and leisure purposes for unlimited usage on a monthly or annual contracts on a shared or dedicated bandwidth across the US, Mediterranean and Caribbean.

Using AGC Marine’s newly commissioned VSAT network, megayachts, charters boats and other commercial vessels can now enjoy email, e-fax, voice, data transmission, video conferencing, video-on-demand and telemedicine without running up huge bills. This solution is ideal for yachts who want high-speed internet with no hidden charges.

Global Satellite USA CEO, Martin Fierstone, comments, “Our strategic partnership with AGC Marine enables us to have a service we can rely on as well as offering very competitive rates”.

In addition to excellent performance and service, Global Satellite USA and AGM Marine can also offer VOIP working alongside VSAT to provide voice and fax facilities without any special hardware or programming. This particular VOIP solution is reliable as it has been designed to work with VSAT. The service is also easy to use and expandable, allowing more lines to be added without any hassle.



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